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Welcome to our locksmith site dedicated to the area of Castle Hill, we are a team of locksmiths which are situated in Sydney most of all we a local to the castle the area where we service Castle Hill. Our team is located only minutes away in neighboring suburbs such as Pennant Hills and North rocks.

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With a team of five mobile locksmith, we are able to provide a large assortment of different locks which we can supply and install on all different applications, for example we install a lot of locks for commercial premises as well is domestic premises and have locks suitable to meet the conditions of both.

If you live in the Castle Hill area and you have just moved in, and you are looking for the services of locksmith, we hope that you would keep a locksmith service in mind and allow us the chance to provide you with good lock and key security.

All of our locksmiths are licensed by the New South Wales police industry Association, and our locksmithing company holds a Masters licence as well is membership to recognize security organizations.

All of our locksmiths have been servicing the Castle Hill the area are well over 15 years, and in that time we have provided keys are locks are a wide variety of customers ranging from commercial and private customers.

Over the years we have seen Castle Hill grow in size and a large amount of new premises being built,new apartment complexes which have appeared over the last few years. Our locksmiths are continually servicing new apartments and new buildings that are being built in the area.

Our Location

Our locksmiths are spread out across the Sydney region focusing on the outer west area of Sydney, we have multiple base locations and also an office location located in Parramatta.

These days is not practical to operate a locksmith business from a corner store, most people these days require service prompt  and most of all a fast servers that can come to them where they need it.

This means that our locksmiths have had to adapt to the changing to meet the changing requirements of our customers, therefore we no longer operate a locksmith shop we operate a team of mobile locksmith is that service the Castle Hill area that can come to you.

Our nearest locksmith to Castle Hill is located in Pennant Hills; our support locksmith to the Castle Hill  is located in North rocks. We also have our base location Parramatta which is only about 10 min away from these locations which allow us to have locksmith services available for Castle Hill in fast and efficient manner.

It is most important that when you require a locksmith whether it be emergency or not emergency that you can get service when you need. Our company structure allows us to provide such a service and we have been doing so many happy customers for quite some time.

Where we service

Because we are located in the outer western Sydney there are multiple locations which our locksmith each service. Each one of our locksmith is given a local location and  suburbs surrounding where their base location is that is allocated as their main service area, each one of our locksmiths makes it their priority to service their main service area quickly and efficiently most of all 24 hours a day, should our locksmith be busy doing work and another locksmith is required we can quickly allocate another locksmith from another surrounding area to assist with any work that might be needed in the Castle Hill area.

For example if our locksmith for Castle Hill is booked out, our next locksmith would be allocated from the North rocks area which is only about 10-15 minutes away from Castle Hill.

This is one of the reasons why we are well known for a fast as the service in the area and also our reputation of being prompt and available.

Not all other locksmith services can offer such structured service. You might find other people who advertising as local, might be coming from a different location which is located anywhere from 20 to 60 min away. Rest assured that when you call one of our locksmiths you will be getting a local locksmith with local knowledge that is ready to help you with your lock and key requirement.

Range Of Service

As a mobile locksmith we are limited to what we can carry in our vans, on saying that we aim to cater for all the needs of our customers, we have a large range of locks on board with us and also access to some of the latest and greatest locks available in the security market.

Some of the main services that our locksmiths provide is a mobile locksmith service that can come to you and service your lock and key needs where you need us most, also giving you our customers access to the wide range of products which are available to us.

Locked Out ?

Most people on a day-to-day basis would not need the services of a locksmith, from time to time at least every person will lock themselves out once or twice, sometimes people are lock themselves out every 2 years but of some people they seem to lock themselves out every two weeks. Opening locks is one of the main services that our locksmiths provide.

Call our locksmith come to your place and reopening your door when you have locked yourself out. When your keys have been left inside or even perhaps lost.

The service of opening a lock is known in locksmith industry as a lockout situation. This is where a locksmith is needed to come to your place and gain access to get you back inside.

There can be a number reasons why you can be locked out. The most common situation is that the keys have been forgotten often or broken. Our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day for the Castle Hill area. When you need the  services of locksmith to coming get you back inside your house or unit, you can rely on us to be able to attend and get you back inside, our locksmiths are highly trained and have it is the skills in lock picking and unlocking locks without the need to replace them.

Our main method of getting you back inside without doing any damage is called lock picking. Lock picking is only available when the lock is functioning and you are using a standard key. If you have a high security or fancy key on your front door the chances of lock picking are reduced, at which time a replacement lock cylinder maybe required. Our locksmiths are also equipped with lock cylinders should they be needed and very rarely are they need.

24 hour Locksmith service

You can never plan to call a 24 hour locksmith, most people who plan to call a locksmith are people who are  using locksmith because they are moving in or moving out or their having locks repaired around the house. Other people who call 24-hour locksmith are often people who never expected they would need a locksmith and are in need of a locksmith because of their unexpected situation, such as losing a key or locking their keys inside.

There are even other times when a 24-hour locksmith is required and can provide valuable help, these times are times when you might have lost the key and you are worried about who has a key. This is the time when your locks will need to be changed in the middle of the night.

Another time might be because you want to lock out a friend or ex-partner or perhaps a flat mate and you would like to make sure that they cannot re-enter the home.

There is only one way to prevent people being able to use their keys to get back inside and that is to have your locks change no matter what time of the day or night.  If it is a concern to you, than it is worth having your locks changed, and that is where a 24-hour locksmith can help you.

Install locks

When you move into new premises it’s wise to observe the locks that have been fitted and have a look around at other parts of the home or unit. Paying attention to places where locks have been fitted or only the standard locks have been fitted. This could be vulnerable to burglars breaking in.

It is important to have good double locking deadlocks on your front and back main doors as well as window locks around your Windows, this is the minimum requirement for most insurance companies and they will give you a discount once you have such locks installed.

If you feel that there are parts of the house that is not securely locked, and you feel that that area could be vulnerable most likely it is, and the only way that you can overcome this is by having one of our locksmiths come and install some good quality locks for you.

We use a number brands such as “Lockwood and Whitco” who make a wide range of locks to suit almost every door and window on the market. So if you feel you would like a little bit of extra security feel free to talk to our locksmith about how we can install a few more locks for you and increase your security

Repair Locks

Locks are a mechanical device, just like other mechanical devices they can fail or break from time to time. One of the main services that our locksmiths also provide is lock repair, locks can need repairing for a number of reasons.

Lock can fail but most of the time they just wear out, often locks do last quite a number of years. Our locksmiths have seen some locks last 15 years or more and provide good reliable security. After 15 years of service it’s expected that the lock would be worn.

Our locksmiths carry a wide range of parts and can repair your locks on site at your place without needing to take the lock away. It is comforting to know that if you have a broken lock and you you’re your lock repaired, our locksmiths can attend to your lock and repair the lock in the same day, or even outside of normal business hours. There is no need to leave your house unlocked, there is no need to have to remove the lock yourself, simply call our locksmiths and they will take care of it all at your place.

Often it is very hard to know what is wrong with your lock; there are a large number of different factors which can cause locks not to work. Sometimes it might be movement in the house structure or sometimes it might be because the door is starting to buckle.

Whatever it is our locksmiths are trained and have years of experience in finding what the problem is and how to rectify. If any of your locks need servicing repairs feel free to call the number above.

Change lock keys

Most people refer to changing their lock as installing a new lock, the truth is that not everybody is aware that you can have a new set of keys work your existing lock without needing to replace the lock.

It might sound confusing, what it means is that if you have a person with the key and you would like to make your lock not operate on a key, our locksmiths can come to your place and reconfigure your lock to suit a new key.

This is much more economical and cost efficient than installing a new lock with new hardware. Often people think because they want a new key they need a new lock and they need to actually have to go purchase and install a complete new deadlock and this is not the case.

The easiest way to make a lock not work on a particular key is call one of our locksmiths who can attend and recalibrate the lock to suit a new key.

Guarantee the old keys will not work and only the new keys will after our locksmiths have performed this operation on your lock. Feel free to try your key to guaranteed reassurance that your old keys will no longer work. Prices from recalibrating your locks start from $33 plus callout fee. Each lock can take anywhere from 15 min or more to recalibrate and our locksmiths can do a large amount of locks in a day.

We only require a short notification to make a booking for this service. Most of the time we can perform this the same day or the next day after you make a booking.

Make keys

Making keys is a primary service for a locksmith, people always lose keys and people always need keys made or replaced, our locksmiths have some the latest machinery to be able to produce keys for a wide range of locks.

Our locksmiths are also able to cut keys on site, so if you need extra keys duplicated please ask our locksmiths who can cut you extra sets of keys as needed.

Duplicating keys start from about $5.50 per key including GST. Please note that not every key in the world is available throughout mobile service we carry a large range of domestic and commercial keys as well is some smaller keys that are commonly used in Australia.


As a locksmith we see a lot of different locks on doors and windows, If our locksmith see a vulnerable situations where locks can be improved and security can be added, our locksmith are trained to inform the owner and recommend better locks which will give better security. It is one of the requirements of our company to inform our customers about how they can improve their security and what locks would best suit them when we are onsite.

Lock Specials

From time to time our locksmiths have products which are on special and we supply and install these locks or products at a particular price which is inclusive of the service call labour & GST.

One product which we have had on special for the last few months is the Lockwood 001 automatic dead latch which is suitable for unit front doors.

This lock we are installing to $264 inclusive of GST on labour. If you live in a unit on apartment which has a fire rated door and you’re not sure which lock is required. We can advise you that the Lockwood 001 is the lock that you need because it has a fire rating and are suited to unit front doors.

Not all locks are suited to unit front doors and it is wise to check with a specialist one of our locksmiths this fall installing anything on unit front door.